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Who are the Rohingya?

The Rohingya are an ethnic group, mostly Muslim, who have lived in the area now known as western Myanmar for centuries.

The Rohingya people made stateless in thier home country, as unrecognised citizens by the Myanmar Government, and because of this they frequently face discrimination, violence and extreme poverty.

What is the AROUK?

Arakan Rohingya Organisation UK (AROUK) is an international non-profit and charitable organisation that established on 18th of May 2009 by a group of dedicated Rohingya people who came in the UK through home office Gateway Protection Programme in 2008.

What type of work does AROUK do?

AROUK organises projects locally and internationally, which promote health & well-being, and education of vulnerable displaced Rohingya refugees. In doing this, AROUK raise awareness of the Rohingya crisis and inspire others to support our campaign. Feedback and reports collected from our projects aim to give a truthful insight into the struggle and challenges of many Rohingya refugees as well as the impact of our continued support to tackle the protracted Rohingya crisis.

Do you only work in one location?

No. AROUK is an initiative to facilitate and provide needed services to the global Rohingya diaspora, with our Pilot phase to run in Bangladesh, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

How can I help AROUK?

We are striving to make a change so we need more support and volunteers. Your little support can bring a smile to refugee children.

Who do you want to work with?

We are open to partnership with different stakeholders. We are currently engaging with different parties involved in the Rohingya issue to inform them about our projects. 

I want to volunteer, how do I apply?

It's very easy. All you need to do is visit our Become Volunteer Now and sign up for volunteering positions.

How can I fund raise for AROUK?

Email us to learn more about fundraising to donation@thearouk.org. 

How much of my donation will go toward programs?

100% of your donation will be spending to the projects you have donated. 

I am a journalist and would like to speak to AROUK regarding Rohingya-related matters, who do I contact?

If you need Rohingya-related information for newspapers, TV or radio, please e-mail: media@thearouk.org.

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