Supporting Rohingya Children Access Quality Formal Education
Press Release

Supporting Rohingya Children Access Quality Formal Education

Rohingya children face many barriers to accessing formal education as well as accessing to higher education, including a lack of facilities and information, advice and individual guidance sensitive to their specific needs, insufficient provision of intensive courses for academic purposes, and restricted access to government local schools and national curriculum in camps in Bangladesh.

We work for the rights of Rohingya education in order to transform the lives of Rohingya children through international education. We all know that in education everybody deserved an equal opportunity but why not for Rohingya children.

Rohingya children want to be something, like other children across the world. They want to be Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer and Teachers and so on, but they don’t have that opportunity.

We focus on Rohingya children and youths, they are the future of the Rohingya community and should give them a chance in education.

Please come forward and support us to change this long-term barrier of education for the sake of their future. We can do this with your support.