The Rohingya Children Need Proper Education
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The Rohingya Children Need Proper Education

Children make up 55% of the Rohingya refugee community in Bangladesh, and an estimated 625,000 children are lack of access to formal education and learning opportunities. More than 920,000 Rohingya, a mostly stateless Muslim minority from western Myanmar, currently live in camps and host communities scattered across Cox’s Bazar, a district of southeast Bangladesh. Most of them — upwards of 745,000 — arrived since August 2017, when the Myanmar military launched a brutal crackdown on Rohingya community.

This week, UNICEF inaugurated the 2,000th learning centre in the Rohingya refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh. More than 180,000 children are now learning in the 2,000 UNICEF-supported learning centres, taught by 4,000 teachers who have been trained by UNICEF partners. These children are aged between 4 to 14 years.

Mohammed Yasin 14 years old says “The Children are coming without education because there is no quality education or formal education system in the learning centres in camps. They are offering to play and biscuits but not education.” 

But, UNICEF is not focusing on quality education for Rohingya children. However, no point having an education that hampered and not helping Rohingya children to develop their personality and meaningful to their life.

AROUK aims to increase access to a range of safe, quality education opportunities for Rohingya children and young people. We works closely with national and international authorities to promote the inclusion of refugees and stateless children into international formal education systems.

AROUK also working to collaborates with a range of education sector partners in camps to realise the right to quality education for all refugee children and youth.

You could help the Rohingya children get the skills they need to unlock the potential that they have and have a better future.

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