What We Do

Local Services

Making a positive difference for the wider communities and helping refugees to integrate across Bradford. Our refugee projects are based on our experience, helping refugees gain the skills they need to rebuild their lives.

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International Work

We work with trusted local and international organisations to provide humanitarian support, community development, and emergency aids in some of the world most deprived areas

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Help us further our cause

Help us to provide quality formal education for most vulnerable refugee children.


Collect Fund from all

To promote the health and well-being of vulnerable children globally.


Becoma a volunteer

Are you passionate about making a difference to vulnerable refugee children and adults that are fleeing persecution?

We Need More Volunteers

We change the life of those who have no hope. The work of our Organisation is aimed at targeted assistance to children in the form of charitable donations from sponsors and patrons.
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What We Do

Our Partners

Making a better world requires collaborations