Refugee Resettlement

Refugee Resettlement

Refugee Resettlement

We work with people who have come to the UK through the Gateway Resettlement Programme and the UK’s refugee
Resettlement Programme that run by Home Office. Our services are to work with families in the UK, helping them to settle in, become part of new community and help them to rebuild their lives in safety and peace.

What is refugee resettlement? 

Resettlement is one of three durable
solutions available to refugees, alongside
repatriation and local integration in the
country of asylum. Resettlement involves
the selection and transfer of refugees
from a state in which they have sought
protection to a third country that admits
them – as refugees – with a long-term or
permanent residence status. Resettlement
generally carries with it the possibility for
refugees to become naturalised citizens of
that country in the future.

Why resettlement?

Resettlement is a tool of international
protection for individual refugees whose
life, liberty, safety, health or other
fundamental rights are at risk in the
country where they have sought refuge,
and an expression of international
solidarity with the developing countries
that host the majority of the world’s

The resettlement process

The United Nations High Commission
for Refugees (UNHCR) is the international
agency mandated to protect refugees
and look for durable solutions. UNHCR
identifies refugees in need of resettlement,
and proposes that governments accept
them for resettlement in their countries.
State participation in resettlement is
voluntary, and it is national governments
that decide which of the refugees referred
to them will be offered permanent places
of residence in their countries. The majority of refugees accepted for
resettlement receive information about
their resettlement country before they
travel, through organised briefings and/
or printed information. This is known as
pre-departure cultural orientation. Local
authorities, NGOs and other organisations
working with resettled refugees in
resettlement countries continue this
process of orientation in local communities
after the refugees’ arrival.

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