Rohingya Families Desperately Need Our Support

Rohingya Families Desperately Need Our Support

Rohingya Families Desperately Need Our Support

The Rohingya people are in the grip of the worst humanitarian crisis of the time. Escalating violence has already caused the death of at least 18,00 Rohingya people including children and women. Thousands of houses have been burned down by the Myanmar military and more than 750,000 people have been forced out of their homes who are now living in crowded camps in Bangladesh.

Rohingya people are being treated worse than animals, this dehumanisation of the Rohingya people has become ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. Human rights violations and destruction are rife, with women being raped, children being abused and burned alive. The militaries’ are continually killing and torturing the innocent people in Burma.

They are shown no mercy and those people are suffering from inhuman degrading for doing no wrong but for wanting peace, nationality and basic human rights. There is a mass exodus from the country. This is because people are leaving the country to save their loved ones and their own life and according they are facing perilous journeys.

They are forced to risk everything to escape this brutal persecution. More than 10 Rohingya refugees, including children, are dying day by day as a result of sinking boats while crossing the border. Far from home and afraid for their lives, most are now dependent on aid for all their basic needs – food, water, clothes and medical care. There is currently a media blackout on the situation, but according to BBC and Al Jazeera’s a number of Rohingya refugees have been shot while trying the flee the violence. They reported: “Aid workers, camp residents and authorities in Bangladesh estimated that at least 1.2 million Rohingya had fled Myanmar since the recent attacks according to the UN-UNHCR.

AROUK team are trying their best to help those desperately need at the refugee camp in Burma and Bangladesh by providing necessary items, such as food, clean water, clothes, healthcare and basic essential items.

We’re also providing temporary shelters or tent to the helpless and most depressed Rohingya people who newly arrived in the neighbouring country “Bangladesh”.  

Please donate now to help the Rohingya refugees. Your small donation will make a big difference to save their lives.